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I am a composer and music producer based in New York City and create music for film, television, podcasts, and advertisements.

I help others make records in various capacities, mostly as a producer, songwriter and/or sound designer.

I write and record with my band Cuneiform.

I am currently available for all projects. If you are looking for music or production assistance please reach out!


>8/9/22 I made some music for a great new game- Stillfleet. Check out the kickstarter campaign launch video for a preview!

>11/9/21 Funcity has a new season! I made a fresh theme song for it. Go listen!

>7/14/21 The new Cuneiform record is coming out 9.24.21. First single is available now. Check out the write up on and pre-order/pre-save here.

>6/7/21 A very strange movie I scored Blood Conscious has had it's first screenings. This review even mentions the score! Check it out when it hits streaming services later this year.

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